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Salvia Perennials Shrub Garden Plants in 5ltr Pot

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Salvia Perennials Shrub Garden Plants in 5ltr Pot


Belonging to the mint family of plants Salvia comprises of nearly 1000 species of shrubs, herbaceous perennials, and annuals. Its stems are typically angled and the leaves mostly have a full form but are sometimes toothed or pinnately divided. Salvia produces flowers in racemes, or panicles which have a wide variety of colors ranging from blue to red, with a few flowers having white and yellow color. Plants from salvia species are generally used as ornamental plants and in some cases herbs as well.

Salvia Embers Wish: has a bushy, clump forming habit and blooms with orange-red flowers and pale olive green foliage. It grows to a maximum height of 2 feet. It thrives in light sandy, thin chalky and normal soil with acid and alkaline pH. Embers Wish is attractive to butterflies and moths. It is a low maintenance plants which grows well in containers. This plant flowers throughout the summer and has become a staple of the British gardens.

Salvia Involucrata Bethellii: 'Bethellii' is a woody perennial which is also known as rosy-leaf sage. It has ovate, hairy leaves on its branches. During summer and autumn, it grows with dense terminal spikes of tubular purplish-red flowers. It grows to a maximum height of 1.5 meters over a period of 5 years. Salvia Involucrata Bethellii prefers sandy, chalky, and loamy soil which contains decent level of moisture. Place it in full sun or light dappled shade with shelter from cold, drying winds for its protection and improved growth.

Salvia Wendy's Wish: With magenta tubular flowers that have fluted tip, Salvia Wendy's Wish is a hybrid plant in the Salvia genus. It flowers throughout the year and grows to a height of 2 feet. Wendy’s wish has aromatic foliage and has an architectural look. This exquisite plant is attractive to butterflies and moths. Make sure that you plant Wendy’s Wish soil in soil which is not overtly rich, and has good water drainage.

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