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Potentilla Herbaceous Perennials Plants in 1ltr Pot

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Potentilla Herbaceous Perennials Plants in 1ltr Pot


Potentilla genus comprises of close to 300 species of plants. These plants can be annual, biennial, or perennial herbs. Potentilla plants are mostly found in the northern continents of the world. These plants grow wild in most cool and cold regions of the world.

Potentilla Gold Finger: Also known as shrubby cinquefoil 'Goldfinger', the Potentilla Gold Finger is a versatile small herbaceous perennials that produces cheery yellow buttercup-like flowers. It is perfect solution for perennial beds and foundation plantings as it is highly adaptable and easy to care.

Potentilla Pink Beauty: Potentilla Pink Beauty is a busy deciduous herbaceous perennials of upright growth. It produces deep pink flower with small, pinnate leaves in summer and early autumn. It lasts longer in moister soils but ideal to grow in most soils, and in full sun or partial shade position.

Potentilla Primrose Beauty: Potentilla Primrose Beauty is one of the easiest garden plants to grow. It is a small deciduous herbaceous perennials with silky, grey-green pinnate leaves. Its flowers are primrose-yellow with a darker center, and 3 cm in width. Potentilla Primrose Beauty is easy to grow in well-drained, moist soils, and in full sun or partial shade position.

Potentilla Miss Willmott: Potentilla Miss Willmott forms a low mound of strawberry-like leaves. Cup-shaped flowers bloom on these plants in early summer. The flowers are deep pink in color with a contrasting crimson eye. For optimal growth, these plants require full sun.

Potentilla Ron Mcbeath: Potentilla Ron Mcbeath is can be a wonderful addition to the sunny perennial border. This plant requires full sun to grow well. Normal, sandy, or clayey soil is optimum for the growth of Potentilla Ron Mcbeath. It has deep green foliage and is deer resistant.

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