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Physocarpus Opulifolius Lady in Red 1ltr Shrub Plant in Pot

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Physocarpus Opulifolius Lady in Red 1ltr Shrub Plant in Pot

Physocarpus Shrub Plants in 1ltr Pot

  • Opulifolius Lady: A weatherproof, easy to grow shrub, which has eye-catching, ruby-red foliage, hence the name! Clusters of dainty pinkish flowers are produced from early summer, with red berries that follow and persist well into the autumn.
  • Red Baron: Physocarpus Red Baron is an upright shrub, commonly known as Ninebark. It has an attractive, dark foliage that matures into deep, burgundy color. It has a refined shrub in a fine texture. It requires very less maintenance and thrives in all kinds of soil. Its foliage changes color throughout the year.
  • Darts Gold: Physocarpus Darts Gold, known as ninebark is a course deciduous shrub native to Missouri. This plant thrives in average to slightly acidic soil with dry to medium moisture. It usually requires full moisture soil with full sun and partially shade exposure. Small pink and white flowers bloom in spring giving way to drooping bunch of reddish fruits.
  • Andre: Physocarpus Andre, called as Ninebark is a deciduous plant recognized by its bright colored young shoots and foliage. It produces creamy white flowers with yellow hearts and decorative stamens, to present a contrast with the autumnal foliage. The blooming time is usually between May to July. It prefers moist soil with full sun to partial shade condition for growth.
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