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Parsley French - Petroselinum Crispum Neapolitanum

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Parsley French - Petroselinum Crispum Neapolitanum

Parsley French - Petroselinum Crispum Neapolitanum basically identical to curly-leaf parsley except for the shape of the leaves, hardiness and pungency of flavour. The flat- leaf parsley has a stronger aroma and taste and stands out more in spicy foods. It is similar to coriander in appearance and has broad, flat leaves with a serrated margin. A biennial up to 300mm in height and 250mm wide, it is mostly grown as an annual as the first year foliage produces the highest quality flavour. Effective as a breath freshener due to a very high chlorophyll content. Does better in hot environments than the curly-leaf variety. Does well in containers and amongst low growing annuals where the deep green foliage provides good contrast with surrounding flowers. Yellow flowers are produced during the second year summer and these are carried on long stalks well above the foliage. Propagate in spring with seeds or seedlings and in summer with seedlings.
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