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Mint Garden - Mentha Spicata -

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Mint Garden - Mentha Spicata -

Mint is one of the most widely used and most famous of all herbs. It is easy to cultivate and has a wide variety of culinary and medicinal uses. Mentha spicata, formerly known as mentha viridis is the best strain grown from seed. The flavour of mint goes well with many savoury ingredients, especially vegetables. We eat spearmint with lamb, usually made into mint sauce, as it helps digest the fatty nature of the meat. Its digestive qualities are similar to peppermint but not as strong. On the sweet side, the taste goes particularly well with chocolate. An infusion of mint is the `national beverage' in Morocco and Tunisia. Use mint combined with rum, carbonated water, lime and sugar to make the popular alcoholic beverage Mojito. Spearmint is an exceptionally fragrant and ornamental plant, in addition to its many other uses is also extremely attractive to butterflies and bees and makes a wonderful addition to any wildlife garden.
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