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Lonicera Lemon Beauty 1Ltr Shrub Plants

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Lonicera Lemon Beauty 1Ltr Shrub Plants

Lonicera Lemon Beauty Honeysuckle is an evergreen shrub. Its outstanding, year-round color would make it a fine specimen planting for your yard, or a stand-out accent in a mixed border. You could even use it as a container planting for your patio. Your Lonicera Lemon Beauty Honeysuckle features small, oblong leaves with a delightfully dark green tone. New growth offers an additional dash of color with its hint of lavender. The foliage is edged with a lemon-yellow border that is sure to catch your eye amid the common evergreens of your landscape. - Flower Interest: Showy - Flower Color: White - Fruit Color: Blue, Purple - Foliage: Color (Spring)Chartreuse, Lemon Yellow All our Plants are grown in Lincolnshire, not imported, we support British Growers, also we do not dispatch After a Thursday due to plants being caught up in Weekend Mail.
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