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Ilex Perennials Shrub Plants in 1ltr Pot

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Ilex Perennials Shrub Plants in 1ltr Pot


With around 400-600 plants in its Genus, Ilex can be evergreen or deciduous. These plants are spread in temperate and subtropical regions and grow with inconspicuous flowers. Ilex Plants in have simple, alternate glossy leaves and have a spiny leaf margin. These beautiful plants grow slowly and can reach up to a height of 25 meters.

Ilex Angustifolia: Ilex Angustifolia plants grow up to a height of 9 inches with a 4 inch width and can be grown for best results in acidic, well-drained or rich soil. The leaves have a glossy texture and they bear fruits which are red in color and look like berries. Ilex Angustifolia is resistant to Verticillium Wilt and have evergreen foliage. Exposure to sun and shade is preferred for their optimal growth.

Ilex Ferox Argentea: Ilex Ferox Argentium plants are slow growing shrubs but once they are grown fully, they form a good barrier plant with their dense growth habit and spiny leaves. Their dark green leaves are lined with a handsome silvery-white variegation. They can be grown in any type of fertile soil and can reach up to a height of 3 meters. Ilex Ferox Argentium flower in May and June and love exposure to full sun and partial shade.

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