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Hypericum Perennials Shrub Plants in 5ltr Pot

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Hypericum Perennials Shrub Plants in 5ltr Pot


Hypericums can be herbaceous annual or perennials. They can be found as 5–10 cm tall plants to shrubs and small trees up to 12 m tall. Most of the species in their family are used as ornamental plants and a few of them are used for making herbs. Their leaves have a simple oval shape and can be 1-8 cm long.

Hypericum Inodorum Golden: Hypericum Inodorum Golden is also known as golden beacon and can be compact in size with golden-yellow to yellow-green leaves. They are grown in moist and well-drained soil which can be Chalky, Clay, Loamy, and Sandy with Acid, Alkaline or Neutral PH content. Full sun and partial shade is required for their optimal growth. Generally, these plants remain pest free but they are vulnerable to the rust disease.

Hypericum Polyphyllum: Hypericum polyphyllum 'Grandiflorum’ plants grow up to a height of 50 cm and have leaves with size of 5-28 mm. They bloom with flowers which are 2-5 cm across with petals usually with numerous black glands. These plants require soil which is dry, moderately heavy, or slightly alkaline for the best growth. Hypericum Polyphyllum blooms with yellow flowers and grey green leaves and require full exposure to sun for optimal growth.

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