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Hydrangea Perennials Shrub Plants in 1ltr Pot

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Hydrangea Perennials Shrub Plants in 1ltr Pot


Hydrangea is also known as hortensia and is native to southern, eastern Asia and Americas. It is a genus of 70-75 species and the shrub generally grows between 1 to 3 meters but some trees which are part of Hydrangea grow up to 30 meters. These great looking plants do not require regular pruning but snipping them from time to time can enhance their growth and performance.

Hydrangea Anomala Winter Glow: Hydrangea Anomala Winter Glow has the tendency to climb and grow with coral-green lacecap flowers. These plant stick to a wall or tree-trunk and grow up to a height between 8 inches to 20 inches. They bloom in summer with gorgeous flowers and prefer partial sun exposure for optimal growth.

Hydrangea Kyushu: Hydrangea Kyushu is an upright deciduous shrub with slightly shiny ovate leaves. It has slender conical flower heads with many creamy-white sterile florets which appear in summer and mid-autumn. They can grow well in moderate sunlight with partial shade.

Hydrangea Love You Kiss: Hydrangea Love you kiss plants are self-clinging climbers and can be deciduous or evergreen shrub. They grow flowers in cluster with an autumn color and look amazing after they bloom. Love you kiss plants are robust in nature and spawn with glossy dark green red-flushed leaves which can be 20 cm long with good autumn tints.

Hydrangea Paniculata Levana: Hydrangea Paniculata Levana plants grow with huge, conical, pure-white blooms between mid-summer and early autumn. These plants are robust and are attractive to bees and butterflies.

Hydrangea Paniculata Wims Red: Hydrangea Paniculata Wims Reds are deciduous shrubs that grow up to a height of 2 meters. Their strong, branching, red-tinted stems carry 30cm long, cone-shaped flowers. The flowers change color from white in the spring to pink in the summer to wine red in the autumn, making for an intriguing and beautiful transition.

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