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Hebe Perennials Shrub Plants in 5ltr Pot

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Hebe Perennials Shrub Plants in 5ltr Pot


The genus ‘Hebe’ belongs to the ‘Plantaginaceae’ family. It is an interesting shrub that consists of various species. Its name is influenced from the Greek goddess of youth: Hebe. Its species cope with most soil types, and are ideally grown in public areas and gardens. It is native to New Zealand, Rapa in French Polynesia, the Falkland Islands, and South America

Hebe Mrs Winder: Hebe Mrs Winder comes from the family of ‘Plantaginaceae’. It produces dark green summer leaves that turn into beautiful purple, almost bronze, colours in the winter. Hebe Mrs Winder is ideal for giving an evergreen touch to a border. It loves a spot in the sun or partial shade, and grows well in well-drained, moist soils.

Hebe Red Edge: Hebe Red Edge prefers full sun or partial shade, and poor or moderately fertile, moist, well-drained neutral to slightly alkaline soil for ideal growth. It comes from the family of ‘Plantaginaceae’, and is a small evergreen shrub with oblong, blue-grey leaves. Its flowering period is June and July.

Hebe Wiri Celebration PBR: Hebe wiri Celebration PBR is a half hardy shrub that produces beautiful clusters of lilac pink flowers on erect flower stems during late spring. It has variegated foliage that forms a tight mound. Hebe wiri Celebration PBR is perfect solution for giving your beds and borders a colorful touch. It loves sheltered position.

Hebe Wiri Cloud: Hebe wiri Cloud is a member of the ‘Plantaginaceae’ family. It is a compact evergreen shrub with small pale green leaves. With a full sun to part shade position in well-drained soil, it grows well. It produces cluster of pink flowers that blooms from summer through autumn. Hebe wiri Cloud is frost hardy and drought tolerant.

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