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Hebe Perennials Shrub Garden Plants in 2ltr Pot

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Hebe Perennials Shrub Garden Plants in 2ltr Pot


Native to New Zealand, Hebe is a genus of plant that includes 90 species. Hebe plants grow with four perpendicular rows of leaves in opposite decussate pairs. It also blooms with flowers that have corolla with four slightly unequal lobes; and two stamens and a long style. Their size varies from dwarf shrub to 7 meter trees. Hebe plants are generally used for decorative purposes.

Hebe Blue Gem: grows up to a height of 4 feet, and bloom with Purplish-blue flowers in late spring which remain till winter. It has shiny evergreen foliage which is often used as a dense hedge. This great looking plant is very resistant to salt-laden winds, making it valuable for coastal gardens. Hebe Blue Gem requires partial to full sun for its growth and needs to be sown in well-drained soil for its best development.

Hebe Jewel of the Nile: is quite a compact evergreen shrub which grows with green and glossy lanceolate leaves with broad yellow margins, and a very narrow pinkish red outer margin. During late spring and early summer pinkish white flowers open in compact upright racemes creating a wonderful spectacle. It grows up to a height of 50 cm and must be grown in well-drained soil. This gorgeous plant can be used in tubs and pots, in a border or in group plantings.

Hebe Purple Shamrock: With beautiful foliage and purple flowers, Hebe Purple Shamrock is a great plant to be grown in the garden for its foliage alone. Its narrow elliptical leaves are edged in cream with purple tinted stems. This plant needs to be fed with medium amount of water and thrives in mostly sunny condition with partial shade. Hebe Purple Shamrock grows up to a height of 2' and blooms with flowers in summer season which are particularly attractive to bees.

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