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Cotoneaster Microphullus 1Ltr Shrub Plants

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Cotoneaster Microphullus 1Ltr Shrub Plants

Thyme-leaf cotoneaster microphullus is a very low-maintenance spreading evergreen shrub with tiny leaves with rolled edges and dark-red fruit in fall. Like its parent, a native of Nepal, in early summer it produces an abundance of pink buds that open to white flowers visited by bees. Once pollinated the flowers give way to rounded, red to dark-red fruits that small birds eat. The main branches are horizontal, but secondary branches are held more upright and arching, especially when weighted with berries. - Cotoneaster microphyllus is: Evergreen - Flower: White in Summer - Foliage: Dark-green in Spring; Dark-green in Summer - Habit: Spreading, Arching - Toxicity: Fruit can cause stomach upset if eaten. All our Plants are grown in Lincolnshire, not imported, we support British Growers, also we do not dispatch After a Thursday due to plants being caught up in Weekend Mail.
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