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Coriander - 9cm Pots, Coriander Sativum

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Coriander - 9cm Pots, Coriander Sativum

Easily grown in average, medium moisture, well-drained soils in full sun to light shade. Light afternoon shade helps avoid possible sun scald in hot summer climates. Best growth occurs in cool and dry summer climates. Plants dislike areas with high humidity and frequent rain. Seeds may be planted directly in garden soil after the last spring frost date. They may also be planted in pots. Plants grow rapidly (pinching off young leaves can begin in 30 days). Snip off flower stems before flowering to prolong harvest of leaves. Plant new seed every 2 weeks to insure a continuous crop of leaves. Allow some plants to flower and seed if harvest of coriander seed is desired. Seeds are ready for harvest in 90 days. Plants tend to bolt easily (abandon leaf growth, flower, seed and die) in hot summer climates. A late summer planting of seed can be done for fall harvest of leaves but seed will not mature before frost.
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