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Cistus , Alan Fradd, 1Ltr Shrub Plants In 13cm Pot

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Cistus , Alan Fradd, 1Ltr Shrub Plants In 13cm Pot

The 'Cistus Sunset, Alan Fradd, Purpereus' features the most unusual flowers that have the unusual trait of only lasting for a single day per flower: even so, this rock rose produces so many buds that flowers are on the shrub from June to July. The petals of the flowers are crumpled and are pure white with small maroon splashes at the base of each petal. The slender, pointed leaves are dark green and hold on the shrub all year round (evergreen). This is a great choice for groundcover planting and it is tolerant on many situations including drought, chalky soil and salt-laden air. - Common Name: Rock Rose - Latin Name: Cistus x purpureus 'Alan Fradd' - Soil: Fertile, moist, well-drained soil - Position: Full sun - Flowering period/colour: June-July/White with red splashes - Hardiness: Fully hardy All our Plants are grown in Lincolnshire, not imported, we support British Growers, also we do not dispatch After a Thursday due to plants being caught up in Weekend Mail.
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