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Ceanothus Perennials Shrub Plants in 5-ltr Pot

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Ceanothus Perennials Shrub Plants in 5ltr Pot


Ceanothus comprises of around 50-60 species of shrubs and it is primarily found in North America. Most of its species are evergreen but some are found to be deciduous in nature. This genus of plants grow with flowers which are white, greenish–white, blue, dark purple-blue, pale purple or pink. These plants can be found on dry, sunny hillsides from coastal scrub lands to open forest clearings

Ceanothus Concha: is also known as Californian lilac 'Concha' and it can be a deciduous or evergreen shrub with simple leaves and small blue, pink, or white flowers. These plants grow rapidly to a maximum height of 4 meters. For best development these plants require moist soil which is well drained. Exposure to full sun is a must for their optimal growth. Ceanothus Concha can get scale insects and may be affected by honey fungus and Phytophthora root disease.

Ceanothus Dark Star: 'Dark Star' is a spreading evergreen shrub with dark green and ovate leaves. It blooms with clusters of deep blue-purple flowers on arching branches in late spring. They need full sun and well-drained soil with decent moisture content and alkaline or neutral PH for best development. These plants grow up to a height of 2.5 meters and take a maximum of 10 years to do that. Ceanothus Dark Star is generally pest free but may be affected by honey fungus.

Ceanothus Silver Surprise: Ceanothus Silver Surprise is an evergreen shrub which has silver variegated foliage, with masses of contrasting blue flowers that bloom in late spring. This great looking plant grows up to a height of 1.2 meters and requires a sunny sheltered spot in fertile and well-drained soil. Ceanothus Silver Surprise is mostly used as a cut flower and it is susceptible to scale insects and honey fungus.

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