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Campanula Herbaceous Perennials Plants in 9cm and 13cm Pots

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Campanula Herbaceous Perennials Plants in 9cm and 13cm Pots

Campanula Plant

Campanula is a diverse genus with varying attributes that belongs to the Campanulaceae family. This plant is most noted for its bell, star, tubular, cup or saucer shaped flowers. It is cultivated in full, hot sun and rich, moist soil that drains water heavily.

Campanula Lactiflora Prichard's Variety Hardy Perennial: It is a hardy perennial forming rounded cluster of bell-shaped violet-blue flowers, clump of erect stems, and narrow, pointed leaves.

Campanula Carpatica White Versatile Perennial: It is one of the most popular Bellflowers and commonly called as Carpathian Bellflower.

Campanula Carpatica Blue Versatile Perennial: It is commonly known as Bellflower-Carpathian and Carpathian Harebell.

Campanula Glomerata Superba Herbaceous Perennial: It is an upright herbaceous perennial and commonly known as clustered bellflower.

Campanula Glomerata Alba Herbaceous Perennial: It is a species of flowering plant in the genus Campanula and commonly called White Clustered Bellflower.

Campanula Persicifolia Blue Old-cottage Garden Perennial: It is the most popular form of perennials. This Old-cottage Garden Perennial plant is commonly called the Peachleaf Bellflower.

Campanula Persicifolia White Herbaceous Perennial: It is a flowering plant species in the Campanulaceae family and commonly called Peachleaf Bellflower.

Campanula Persicifolia Telham Beauty Herbaceous Perennial: It is an upright, rosette-forming cultivar. This herbaceous perennial is commonly known as willow bell.

Campanula Persicifolia Takion White: Campanula Persicifolia Takion white is an outstanding compact strain which grows with classic cup-shaped white bell flowers.

Campanula Persicifolia Takion Blue: Campanula Persicifolia Takion Blue has been cultivated for centuries and is famous as old cottage garden perennials.

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