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Buddleia Perennials Shrub Plants in 1ltr Pot

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Buddleia Perennials Shrub Plants in 1ltr Pot

Buddleia Adonis

Buddleia Adonis is a deciduous shrub from the family Scrophulariaceae which grows up to a height of 5 feet. It blooms between June and September with beautiful flowers. For optimal growth it requires full exposure to sun and has medium water requirement.

Buddleia Adonis Blue: grows with resplendent dark blue flowers. It grows between the heights of 3-5 feet and grows with showy and fragrant flowers. It attracts butterflies and tolerates rabbits and soil with clay content. If grown with exposure to full sunlight, Buddleia Adonis Blue requires low maintenance. Commonly known as Butterfly Bush, it is self-seeding and can spawn aggressively in areas where it does not die in winter.

Buddleia Harlequin: It is a sport of Buddleia 'Royal Red' which blooms with fragrant beautiful purple flowers and grows with variegated leaves. It particularly attracts butterflies, hummingbirds, and birds, and it is resistant to deer. Buddleia Harlequin is a fast growing plant and requires full sun and well drained soils for best results. This sublime looking deciduous plant reaches heights of 48– 72, which is great for growing in the back of your garden.

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